Day 43 / 365

Back to the closet!  I was in there the other day taking inventory of my sweaters and trying to decide if I should move them to a lower shelf and I “saw” this:

I say “saw” because it’s been there for a long time, and I see it everyday, but this time, I saw it.  It’s one of those Method air freshener balls…there are little scented pellets that go into it and it’s supposed to make your closet smell nice.

Except that I could never smell it unless I was right up on it.  Besides, we grow lavender, and I find that little lavender satchets tied to hangers are much more effective at keeping things smelling fresh.  And there are the bug-repelling benefits, too!  Oooo!  And you can throw a lavender satchet into the dryer and it’ll lightly scent your clothes.  Satchets used in the dryer are good for a couple months.  Clearly, it’s buh-bye to the little red ball today!

And if you want to make your own lavender satchet, here’s are some how-tos: from Insightful Nana, there are satchets that you can leave in baskets (!) and around the house and from Martha Stewart, there are satchets that can be hung with your clothes on the hangers.  And Bugs and Fishes has some really cute ones that might provide you with some inspiration!

58 items down (Method scent ball, 793 total); 309 to go!

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